BeautyMint-test_0188_matted_sharpened_sRGB[5]Nerida’s holistic skin care philosophy is to inspire and educate individuals from all walks of life to strengthen their skin’s foundation for a lifetime of healthy, vibrant and beautiful skin. This requires more than just the right products, but also an effective regimen that includes a regular skin routine, balanced eating and exercise. Further, her skin care philosophy focuses on the importance of cleansing the skin to optimize the efficacy of treatments and products.

Nerida’s distinctly personalized approach to skin care is present in all aspects of your experience at the Nerida Joy Skin Care Clinic. Each client who walks through her door receives a dedicated custom facial treatment that takes into account their unique skin type, goals and lifestyle influences. No matter what your needs may be, Nerida will help you build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy and beautiful skin.

Nerida’s passion and commitment to her industry has led to educating other licensed aestheticians and encouraging them to pursue a more comprehensive understanding of the skin. Her unique and effective approach has earned her a loyal following of clients that have experienced true results and continue to embrace her holistic skin care philosophy.

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For an appointment at her main office in Beverly Hills:
Contact: (310) 777-8897

Nerida is also available for facial treatments at the Hotel Bel Air Spa® in Bel Air, California.
Contact: (310) 909-1681