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When you sign up to attend the Los Angeles event, you’ll also be enrolled in the Understanding Skin Tour digital course. Enjoy unlimited replays of Nerida’s Understanding Skin and Understanding Acne masterclass and the expert panel from Los Angeles as well as her previous events in Dallas and Miami. You will also be able to watch content from future stops on the tour.

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All Main Event and VIP attendees will also automatically be enrolled in the digital course. It includes live streams and replays from all UST main events, unique learning opportunities from sponsors and a growing library of content for Understanding Skin Tour participants.

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Replay the skin analysis masterclass and celebrity panel sessions from Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles and upcoming Understanding Skin Tour dates.

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Enjoy unique learning opportunities from sponsors and a growing library of bonus content.

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Get all of the highlights from past and future stops on the skin tour with the digital course.


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When you become an Understanding Skin Tour Digital Course Member, you gain access to:

  • Access select keynotes from expert speakers
  • Watch each tour’s complete masterclass
  • Access additional sessions from each event

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Join every event in the Understanding Skin Tour from wherever you are in the world with the UST Digital Course, or sign up for the FIVESTAR Method and get the Digital Course PLUS full access to all of Nerida’s comprehensive online training.

UST Digital Course

Live stream Nerida's Skin Analysis masterclass from every single UST event, and enjoy replays of both the masterclass and every celebrity panel when you purchase the Digital Course. This course is included with all VIP and Main Event tickets and is free for members of the FIVESTAR Method.


Continue your education with Nerida! Includes not only the UST digital course, but also the full five modules of the FIVESTAR Method and all of Nerida’s past and future webinars. Visit to see everything the course has to offer.

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